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Deborah J. Peterson
Culinary Historian

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Colonial Domestic Skills Research and Sharing

Speaking of Tea Bricks ...

Deb's busting myths again! This time she takes on the Tea Brick myths in a paper detailing the oft-repeated inaccuracies, and her arguments (citations included) against them. The five-page PDF with facts and photos (Tea Brick Myths That I Have Been Told) can be downloaded and printed, shared with anyone who needs it. As a matter of fact, Deb would be very thankful if you would.

And one more thing -- those Brown Sugar Cones. Those Brown Sugar Cones weren't marketed and sold in conical form in the 17th 19th centuries despite what certain sutlers/merchants who insist on selling them say. Here's Deb's finding.


Oh, just wait - there's a surprise in the works!

Can't say much about it right now, but here's a couple of photos to start you thinking. Yes, that's the excellent Dr. Clarissa Dillon with Deb in the photo. We are so excited!

Watch this space!

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