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Deborah J. Peterson
Culinary Historian

Celebrating over 36 years of
Colonial Domestic Skills Research and Sharing

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We're very proud of the compliments we've received, so we decided to gather some together to share with you. Here are a few:


From Patricia Burton, Board Member in charge of Traditional Artisans, Easton Area Heritage Day:

Dear Deborah, thank you so much for participating in our annual Easton Area Heritage Day, joining many other early-American artisans on the circle in downtown Easton. Your demonstration on indigo dyeing on various textiles including ribbons, woven cloth, and yarn, created an impressive display with something that seems simple on the surface - one color dyeing - but it is a complex technique from start to finish (processing the leaves, grinding the pigment, setting the color). You are a wonderful exhibitor who interacts beautifully with visitors of all ages and you were able to share your knowledge (both historical and scientific) in a way that was delightful and accessible!

From Kelly McManus at the Dey Mansion, Washington's Headquarters on the Ice Cream program:

Deborah is a fountain of information and if your organization is looking for any sort of culinary history demonstsration, then you need not look any farther. At the Dey Mansion, Washington's Headquarters, we had Deborah put on an ice cream demonstration. Our visitors enjoyed every second of it and Deborah herself incorporated our guests in the event where they helped make and taste the finl product! Needless to say, we've already got her scheduled for future events.

From Mary Diaman, Brigade of the American Revolution Civilian Class Membership, on the Chocolate and the Ice Cream programs:

Deborah did a great ice cream making demonstration!   We made orange, raspberry, vanilla and chocolate. She is personable and easily involved the visitors in the process while explaining the history and process of colonial ice cream making.  Lots of samples were given out! It was a huge hit!